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NDC 10481-3005-1

GORDON’S UREA 40%      Rx


INDICATIONS: For loosening, debriding and avulsion of devitalized nail tissue.


OTHER INGREDIENTS: A specially formulated petroleum base.

DESCRIPTION: Urea 40% has been used for many years for the nonsurgical avulsion of mycotic nails. Nonsurgical avulsion is a conservative procedure which can be utilized by the geriatric, diabetic or vascular patient. Nonsurgical avulsion has the advantage of avoiding the possible side effects of oral drugs.

PHARMACOLOGY: Urea is an organic compound present in mammals. When it was first synthesized from an inorganic compound in the last century it helped launch the field of organic chemistry. Urea is now prepared by heating Calcium Cyanamide with water under pressure. Proteolytic action on the nail plate, and protein solvent, hydrating and denaturant properties are noted with Urea. Urea dissolves the bond between the affected nail plate and nail bed by its keratolytic properties, with the resulting maceration inducing an effective painless and bloodless nail removal procedures.

CONTRAINDICATIONS/WARNINGS: Hypersensitivity to Urea or any of the components of this preparation. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. FOR PHYSICIAN USE ONLY. Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to affected area in an apertured pad. Protect surrounding skin. Apply Urea 40% to the diseased nail surface and cover with a plastic film. Anchor with adhesive tape. Cover with a “finger cut” of plastic or vinyl glove and anchor with more adhesive tape. KEEP DRY AND OCCLUSIVE FOR 3 TO 7 DAYS. Cleanse, debride and reapply if necessary.

HOW SUPPLIED: 1 oz. jar

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