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USE: Bromidrosis

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Sodium Potassium Aluminosilicate

DESCRIPTION: 100% Abscents brand molecular sieve used as a highly effective deodorizing powder. Eliminates odors at their source, even in the presence of water. Molecular sieve adsorbents are inorganic, crystalline materials in which the crystal framework of atoms form a three dimensional network of internal cavities, having a honeycomb-like structure. Because of these passageways between cavities, the entire internal surface on the molecular sieve is available for adsorption.

CONTRAINDICATIONS/WARNINGS: Use in the presence of active infection. Hypersensitivity to Abscents or any of its components. For external use only. Use only on intact skin. Keep out of reach of children. As with any powder, avoid inhaling dust. Keep container sealed when not in use.

DIRECTIONS: Rub on skin 1-2 times daily or as prescribed by a Physician.

HOW SUPPLIED: 1 oz. sifter-top container

                        3 oz. sifter-top container