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     The founder of Gordon Laboratories, Lewis Gordon, was a pharmacist who had helped save lives through his innovative use of ingredients in short supply to treat burn victims during World War II. After the war, he saw a need for topicals in podiatry, and manufactured the first pharmaceutical specialty line for the profession.

     With his untimely death in 1957, his wife, Bernice, assumed leadership and expanded the company’s products and outreach to physicians across the country for the next thirty years, until her retirement.

     In 1987, a new corporate management team, headed by SuEllen and David Dercher, expanded production and marketing, and introduced new products in dermatological markets worldwide. Commitment to education grew with annual scholarships, financial support, and visits to schools. They also participate on corporate advisory boards, medical student projects, and conferences.

     Gordon Laboratories, located in suburban Philadelphia, is a leading manufacturer of topical pharmaceuticals today, continuing its tradition of innovation and service to Physicians, drug wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies. The highest quality products and services remain our top priority.


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