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NDC 10481-3006-1


INDICATIONS: Used to destroy or kill the nail matrix (matrixectomies).

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Sodium Hydroxide 10%

DESCRIPTION: A clear, odorless, liquid solution containing Sodium Hydroxide 10%.

PHARMACOLOGY: Sodium Hydroxide 10% forms a strongly alkaline and caustic solution. As a caustic agent, it is used to destroy organic tissue by chemical action.

CONTRAINDICATIONS/WARNINGS: For external use onlyHarmful if taken internallyFOR PHYSICIAN USE ONLY.  May cause skin irritation.  Do not get in eyes on skin, or on clothing. In case of contact, immediately flush skin or eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.  Contact a Physician.  Keep out of reach of children.

ANTIDOTE: Give water with large amounts of vinegar, lemon or orange juice. Do not give emetics or carbonates. Contact a Physician at once.

DIRECTIONS: Similar procedure as using Phenol with two important differences: (1) Use two 10 second applications. (2) NaOH must be neutralized with 5% Acetic Acid (white Vinegar).  Nail matrixectomies using Sodium Hydroxide: The involved digit is blocked with local anesthetic with 2% plain Lidocaine.  After adequate anesthetic has been obtained, the foot is prepared and draped, using an effective aseptic technique.  A digital tourniquet is then applied for hemostasis.  The offending nail portion is then removed with the aid of an English anvil and a #61 Beaver blade.

After the initial cutting of the nail with the English anvil, the #61 Beaver blade is advanced till the surgeon feels the give of the blade, indicating that the offending nail border has been separated.  The segment of nail is then removed with the aid of a Kelly hemostat.  Most of the cotton should be removed from two 6 inch cotton applicators before use. Two 10 second applications of Sodium Hydroxide should then be applied.  The area is then copiously flushed with Acetic Acid (White Vinegar).  The patient is instructed to keep the bandage dry and intact until the first post-operative visit 3-5 days later.  The patient is seen once a week for approximately two weeks.


HOW SUPPLIED: 2 oz. amber glass bottle




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