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NDC 10481-1050-


INDICATIONS: Used as an antiperspirant in the treatment of excessive conditions of hyperhidrosis and bromidrosis. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Formaldehyde (10% of U.S.P. strength)

DESCRIPTION: Formadon provides a preferable vehicle for the topical application of Formalin solution (10% U.S.P. strength formaldehyde). It is formulated with an aqueous perfumed base which helps minimize the characteristic pungent odor.

PHARMACOLOGY: Formalin, a solution of Formaldehyde, has been extensively used as a drying agent as well as a disinfectant. Direct topical application of Formalin solution has been an extremely useful way of dealing with odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. The elimination of hyperhidrosis is of paramount importance in reducing bacteria associated with odor and wetness. Formalin, in drying the skin surface, reduces bacteria flora which can thrive in moisture.

CONTRAINDICATIONS/WARNINGS: Avoid frequent use. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not apply to open wounds. Should signs of irritation develop, medication should be discontinued.   Irritates eyes, nose, and throat.  Avoid breathing vapors. Use with adequate ventilation.   In the event of eye contact, flush copiously with water and get medical attention.   Keep out of reach of children.  For external use only.   Harmful if swallowed.   Contact a local Poison Control Center immediately.   Do not induce vomiting.   If conscious, give eight ounces (240 mL) of milk, water or water with activated charcoal.   Keep well closed in a cool place.   Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to feet twice weekly or as prescribed by a Physician.


HOW SUPPLIED: 2 oz. sponge tip bottle NDC-05

                            4 oz. plastic bottle NDC-2


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